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Gut " The Singles Collection " CD

by Gut and Mucupurulent

$4.00 / On Sale

GUT " The Singles Collection " CD

Early collection of GUT - 7 ep tracks and split ep tracks... Killer booklet done by the band , and pure disgusting early Goregrind done by the innovators of the German porn gore scene...

Included tracks from the following ....

Spermany's Most Wanted 7"

Pussyfied/Assyfied 7"

Hyper-Intestinal Vulva Desecration 7"

Split 7" With Morphea

Split 7" With Gore Beyond Necropsy

Split 7" With Brain Damage

Split 7" With Retaliation

Split 7" With Dead

Amazing release with the BEST Gut tracks ever !?!

Necroharmonic Release
Sleazy 022