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Necroharmonic caseless CD release (CDs without Jewel Cases = Cheap Euro postage for mutiples )

by Satanic , Incantation , Dripping , Disciples of Mockery , Goreaphobia , Mucupurulent , Libido Airbag , Interment ( Swe ) , Necroharmonic , Phlegm , Gut , Anatomia , Derketa , Dr. Shrinker , Eternal Darkness , Rottrevore , Disma , Funebrarum , Corpse Molestation , Waking The Cadaver , and Impetigo ,

$3.50 - $4.50

CD releases Without Jewel Cases

(* Currently out of print items are available on our Bandcamp page at http://necroharmonic.bandcamp.com/ )

These cart items are made for WORLD orders who would like to purchase CDs , without the use of a JEWEL CASE / CD box

Postage rates with the use of CD Jewel cases raise the rates to our Worldwide customers , we would like to offer here some titles of Necroharmonic WITHOUT the CD Jewel cases , so that that postage rates can be lower for these World orders.

The band options are on the drop down menu.


Cds will be shipped without cases / with bookets and tray in a very light cardboard backing , so not to raise the postage rates.

Multiple Cds can be bought at a much lower rate than ever before...

**** please note at check out ,

1. you can use the " add to cart " Orange button to check the postage on 1st Cd , and then mutiple ones.

2. The photo ( .....in the cart check out page... ) will show the Multiple cd cover photo image ( and yes shows it with Jewel boxes , but your order will be stripped of these jewel cases and their excessive postage

3 ) The CD you would like to purchase caseless will show up below in name as the option ( please double check your option! thanks ! )