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Possessed " Reanimation " CD

by New Distro Cds

$12.00 / Sold Out

POSSESSED - Reanimation CD/DVD (Dual Disc)

REDRUM RECORDS records release ( and distro item for a limited time ) we have very few copies....

The only official and remastered versions of the legendary POSSESSED's 1984 "Death Metal" demo, 1984 "Rehearsal", various live tracks from 1984-1986, alternate studio album mixes and a 2004 re-recorded, new version of "The Exorcist" on one CD- 19 tracks with a total time close to 80 minutes! The DVD contains 2 rare full concerts (in raw form remastered as best as possible) filmed in Berkleley, CA, 1984 and Baltimore, MD 1987 and 2 bonus songs from San Francisco, CA, 1984 with a total of 25 tracks close to two hours in time!

This is a dual-layer CD/DVD with both NTSC and PAL formats included! Killer cover artwork and layout done by Alfred Mulle (Demonic Designs) on behalf of REDRUM RECORDS and POSSESSED. All on One CD / DVD disc !!

Classic and old-school release which was made especially for true maniac POSSESSED fans, collectors and new fans that can see how the world’s first "death metal" band originated!