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Shipping Discounts on European / Asian Postage


Shipping Discounts on European / Asian Postage


On some orders the postage rates can be just a bit higher then the actual postage.

This Bigcartel site runs on a flat rate postal system , so certain postal rate structures are hard to put in place correctly...

If you are buying garment ( T shirts , etc ) sizes small / medium  and sometimes Large , the postage rate might be high for your country. We can sometimes offer a shipping ' coupon ' to your name , to be used to help lower your postage rate. 

Best way to find out is send an email or message , list your items and size , and  put your full address and country in the message , and we can check it on the mailing scale !  

Please feel free to contact us at necroharmonic@gmail.com if you are interested to see if you are eligible for a lower postage rate... On certain combined small and medium T shirt orders , we can make sometimes a lower postal rate to your county ( outside the US ). 


You can also contact us on Facebook to talk about such matters. 


We aim to ship our products world wide and will work with you to get a more exacting price ( if possible... )  


please note : Not all packages are available for postal discounts. Larger items like hoodies , sweatshirts and zipper hoodie prices are usually exactly as they are shown.  But If you would like to know if you're eligible for a discount anyway , feeel free to contact us. We are willing to work with you ! Thank you for Looking !

( * note Mexico ,  South American and orders to China , and a few others are exactly as shown )

- Necroharmonic Productions  2017