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Mortician " From The Casket " T shirt

by Mortician

$15.00 - $25.00

Mortician " From The Casket " T shirt

From the start of the New York Death Metal scene , Mortician not only has been one of the heaviest bands in the world , but also influenced countless others with their brand to horror infused gore / grind and embalming. This is a short sleeve version with some original artwork taken from 1990 era which was also used on their CD discography of the same name

The T shirt contains the original NYDM symbol drawn by drummer Matt Sicher ( R.i.p. ) and Logo drawn by a former mental patient.


S 18
M 20
L 22
XL 24
2XL 26
3XL 28


S 28
M 29
L 30
XL 31
2XL 32
3XL 33