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Mortician " NYDM " Long Sleeve T shirt

by Mortician


Mortician " NYDM " Long Sleeve T shirt

Out Now !

This shirt will leave any Death Metal fan with an insane bloodcraving! Long sleeve blood dripping design for the lowest tuned / sickest / and most horrific bands in all of metal history! Here we have for the 1st time in many years the MORTICIAN logo with N.Y.D.M. axes on the front and with NYDM axes style going down the sleeves...

Sick styled death metal long sleeve design from this gore / grind / horror band which leaves a trail of dead bodies worldwide...

Size Chart ( In U.s.a inches )

Body Length

Small 28
Medium 29
Large 30
XL 31
XXL 32

Body Width

Small 18
Medium 20
Large 22
XL 24
XXl 26