Necroharmonic News 2018

Necroharmonic news

Here we are 2018 !

Necroharmonic has been busy working on custom T shirt + Hoodie orders everyday....

We are experiencing some slow downs on mailing orders due to a few medical reasons as of late. In case you were wondering why your order might be taking a little longer than usual.

My daughter ( now 12 years old ) is her  healing in her 1st year out of leukemia. She is in remission ( which is great news ! ) But progress can sometimes be slow for an ex-cancer patient. Her medical appointments are quite frequent, which can take away from day to day postal office visits.

We do our best to get as much mail out the door as fast as possible, but finding our postal office closes very early is a rough patch for us. Please be patient and feel free to reach out to us any time. We try to stay in deep contact with our customers in the underground metal scene...

We custom make the garment products here at Necroharmonic. We have a small amount of pre made and distro items as well. Each of our handcrafted hoodies , sweatshirts and other T shirts are made by a fan , for other fans!

We would like to thank all the bands and fans that have worked with us this past few years during my daughters bout with leukemia !! We managed to keep the label running making Records and Compact discs during her illness and now during her remission we are heading back into the dungeon to make T shirts, hoodies and long sleeves every day sometimes 16-18 hours a day. Our commitment to the metal scene is strong and will continue to be for life.