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Shipping Time frame for an Order



UPDATED AGAIN   7 /  5  / 21

PLEASE READ !! Thank you !!


( all ( most! ) of  our garments are custom made ) 



UPDATED 1 /21/ 2021

UPDATED   2/1/2021

updated 3/31/21


updated  4/9/21 !!!


shipping takes time!

If you choose to order from Necroharmonic you will be placed on a " line " or very simple " in order of appearance " , in most cases,. 


Our shipping time depends on the garment , music product or the other merch. 


We take each customer and order serious, but hopefully mutual respect for the other customers , other buyers can respect  EACH OTHER'S place in line. 

Some Orders can take  14 - 31 days 

Yes that is right.

If the item order is bigger it will obviously also take longer. 


Sometime we split packets into two parts to get something in hand as well 

There is a line of packages here AT ALL TIMES . This is a small operation. Not a box store. Consider us a " custom maker "  and " Underground " since that is how we operate. 



Flags can either be in stock , or they are available here in clusters. and the shipping time is 5-6 weeks on some flags. This is written on the sales page text clearly when making your purchase.

A few more " rare " prints take longer than 31 days as well. We cluster the orders / customs together and make packages / and sent at one time. If you really pick out a ~ obscure ~ shirt or hoodie or something. It WILL take extra time. 

RUNNING A BIT BEHIND ON SOME ORDERS.( Just a few more obscure prints ) .its really due to the Line of customers at all times. ( orthe obscurity of the garment ) . so  SORRY FOR DELAYS. We usually ship garments in clusters of all one title at one mailing period.  These times may vary.








I am sure we will back up to normal speed shortly. If you have any questions please feel free to email us at necroharmonic@gmail.com   or reach out to us on facebook at 





Please read the sales pages for more info.


 Custom orders are possible too but still need to be checked out through the shopping cart.


We do not accept Pre-Orders anymore .

In some cases, like when a new release on vinyl is released, the shipping time can increase by an extra day or two. Due to the volume of orders, and the nature of our solid packaging. 

T-shirts + garments processed /  and shipping quickly possible in all cases. If you are interested in a Custom garment and want it in two days, I am not your company. But if you want good service ( a little slow :) , some extras, and good attention for the music package and merchandise... as well as your service, we are here to meet those needs of Metal!


Thank You