Terms of Service - Shipping CDs

Terms of Service - Shipping Cds  as of  6/8/22

CD shipping takes time as well - Do no expect the CD to be shipped the next day after order. Items ordered at Necroharmonic are shipping in order of appearance. 


Shipping of - Jewel boxed / Cased  Cd's


This area will explain the terms of shipping our CD releases.

We will be adding photos of our packing and boxes to show how your items will be shipped.


1 CD is shipped via Media mail

1st Class shipping is used for up to 2-3 Cds. After 3-4th CD ( jewel cased ) the packet ships via priority mail , usually via Flat rate envelope. In larger orders Priority box by weight. 


Priority Mail shipping is used for any CD order over 4 discs ( cased Cds )



Determined by size of the order , starting with 1st class international, and larger orders shipped via Flat Rate International mailer

When a certain amount of weight is reached with a CD order, the package upgrades to Flat rate shipping. 


In some orders Cds exceed the Flat rate mailer cost. In those shipments , Cds are sent via the cost of the actual postage. 




Shipping of - caseless - Cd's


Caseless Cd option is available for the United states shipping , but is mainly used for International customers



The - Caseless ( no jewel box option ) of CD sending internationally is made for customers to save postage on the excessive cost of using a jewel case on the release ( which is heavier then the actual Cds and booklets in most cases ) 

Necroharmonic uses several methods to ship caseless CD orders. 

In smaller orders 


Cds will be shipped without cases / with bookets and tray in a very light cardboard backing, so not to raise the postage rates.


We use Tyvek envelopes for each CD and keep the booklets and trays apart from the discs, not to cause damage to the booklets with CD rings, etc. Once it leaves our country, and local international postal offices get the packets, the way they are treated is beyond our control. We try to send items as new / mint as possible and not cause damage during transit. But in some countries packets are subject to being opened and examined. This is out of our control. If you order on the internet, you should know if your local postal offices use these practices.


In larger - Caseless - Cd orders 

Exceeding 10-12 discs , sometimes a tight bundle methods is used to ship the compact discs. We use this same method in our Cd wholesale and have had great success for over 15-20 years. The Booklets and Tray cards again are separated from the CD bundles , and send in flat cardboard , wrapped well . 


For Caseless Cd orders , we cannot be responsible for damaged / scratched Cds , or bent booklets and trays. They leave here packaged very well , but like mentioned before, sometimes local international postage offices man handle the packets. These are VERY rare instances. Probably the ratio of about 1/500 packages this has happened. Very rare! We package the items well, and as we ourself would like to receive our orders !