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Ceremonium " Into The Autumn Shade " Cassette Tape -REPRESS SOON

by Ceremonium

$10.00 / Coming Soon

Ceremonium " Into The Autumn Shade " Cassette Tape

The classic 1995 Doom / Death metal album for the 1st time on tape...

1st time ever on tape! Co-release with the singer from Ceremonium's new label ROTTER Records and Necroharmonic!

One of the most under-rated doom-death metal classics from the 1990s

Released in 1995, this album is all the hallmarks of the time,with influences from early My Dying Bride, early Paradise Lost, Disembowelment, Crematory ( Swe ), Incantation, Cemetery, Abhorrence ( Fin ), etc...

Limited amount available at this time !!

IN STOCK! check that 2nd photo!

Please one per customer!

Cassette is shrinkwrapped

CASSETTE is In STOCK! This is NOT a pre-order!

Necroharmonic release
co-release with Rotter Records

Sleazy 040