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Crematory Tank Top

by New Distro T shirts and Crematory

$15.00 - $19.00

Crematory " Exploding Chest " Tank top T-shirt

Heaviest of all Death Metal bands... extremely sick Swedish death metal demo's era on a tank top-styled tee.

Cult old-school death metal logo ( the best artwork!! and this is one of the sickest early-era arts!! From the demo era Classic Swedish Death Metal band.

Size Small thru XXXL

Sizes Small through XXXL

Size chart in USA inches...

Body Length (in inches)

S - 28
M - 29
L- 30
XL- 31
XXL- 32
XXXL- 33

Body Width (in inches)

S 18
M 20
L 22
XL 24
XXL 26