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Mucupurulent " Sicko Baby and More Babes " CD with Demos

by Mucupurulent and Gut


MUCUPURULENT " Sicko Baby and More Babes " CD

German Goregrind classic for all times SICKO BABY , with extra tracks from the Demo Release , unreleased tracks and More

Track Listing preview

#1-21: the "Sicko Baby" release
#22-32: the "Bizarre Tales of the Abnormal" demo
#33-36: the "Remind the Bizarre" split EP with Cabal
#37: "Disgorging Foetus" (recorded for a Regurgitate tribute album released in 2001)
#38: "Gay's Erection" (unreleased - recorded in 1995 during the same session as the demo and the split EP with Cabal)
#39: "Splatter Whore" (same as #38)
#40: "Raw, Brutal, Rough and Bloody" (unreleased - recorded in 1997 for a deleted GG Allin tribute album)