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Sequestrum Hooded Longsleeve Hoodie T-shirt

by New Distro T shirts , Undergang , and Sequestrum ,

$22.00 - $25.00

Sequestrum " Odouriferous Saponification " Hooded Longsleeve T-shirt

This Danish group exudes a slimy aesthetic, featuring a foul design that music style fuses gore grind and death metal. Influenced by the memorable melodies of early Xysma with a hint of low early Carcass gore sound vocals, their unique sound is sure to leave you putrefactive and feeling ugly inside

Cover from the " Rehearsal dissection " release

Available in Multiple styles

T shirt
Ringer T shirt
Hooded Lightweight Longsleeve T shirt

Size chart in USA inches


S 18
M 20
L 22
XL 24
2XL 26
3XL 28


S 28
M 29
L 30
XL 31
2XL 32
3XL 33